OpenACR Editor



  • I create and manage custom Drupal, HTML/CSS, and WordPress sites.

  • I am comfortable configuring, maintaining, and using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. I work with hosting sites like Bluehost and Rackspace to host the sites.


  • Currently

    • I work for CivicActions as an Associate Director of Drupal.​

    • Serves as backend developer working with remote Agile teams of Drupal experts to build enterprise-level websites for client organizations.

    • I currently work on the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s GlobalNET platform project. I create Drupal and ILIAS solutions and tests that make up the platform. I also work with the DevSecOps engineers to improve our continuous integration that runs on Docker and GitLab and help troubleshoot site issues in AWS. I also contribute back solutions to the Drupal and ILIAS communities.

    • I work on the General Services Administration’s (GSA) OpenACR project. OpenACR is a digital native Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) product. I create validator, editor tools with tests in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, and Svelte. I use GitHub to manage the source, run the tests in GitHub actions and deploy the editor to GitHub pages.

    • I contribute to the CivicActions accessibility practice area. Work with co-workers on improving how accessibility testing is included in our projects and community. I set up automated testing on the practice area’s website using pa11y, Cypress, Axe, and GitHub action. I shared the solutions with colleagues outside of CivicActions like the General Services Administration’s 18F team.

  • Previously

    • I worked for the University of Oregon as a Senior Developer for Information Services.

    • I worked on a Scrum team with 3 developers, 2 designers, and a product owner to develop and deploy web-based sites. I was the scrum master and I helped coach team members on scrum practices.

    • I worked on an Angular + Dotnet solution that was deployed with continuous integration + deployment to Azure. In Azure, I helped set up and use multiple app services, functions, application insights, storage accounts, Graph API, Azure DevOps, and MySQL service.

    • I created customized install profiles, modules, and other Drupal features to meet the client’s requirements.

    • I was an active member of the UO Drupal committee.

    • I worked with system administrators to create Docker solutions for developers to run WordPress, Drupal, and other applications in Mac, Windows, and Linux environments. This included a Docker Swarm setup to host our legacy sites.



Personal & Education

  • I live in Eugene, OR.

  • I graduated from the University of Oregon with a master's in computer science.



Professional Experience



December 2020 - Present


CivicActions, Lafayette, CA

May 2016 - December 2020


Information Services, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

July 2013 - May 2016


June 2010 - July 2013